Isolating chilled water pipe by liquid nitrogen

During the renovation of AHU, chilled water pipes and ductwork for Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon, our engineers have carried out the work of isolating the pressurized chilled water pipe by liquid nitrogen.

The reason is because hundred of meter of chilled water run is without having the isolating valves for shutting off, operation and preventive maintenance just in case.

The scope of works comprise of bringing the liquid nitrogen to the spot, preparation, moulding and filling liquid nitrogen, freezing the chilled water in two portions, cutting off and reconnection the pipes with an isolating valves.

It takes 01 hour for isolating the pipes by freezing and another 02 hours for pipe reconnection. In overall, the work is sucessfully done in within 3 hours.

No major inconvenience caused to the building occupants. Besides it is saving a lot of time and manpower by not interrupting the whole chilled water pipe system

It stops draining out hundreds of litres of water containing chemical corrosion inhibitors and glycol is hazardous to the environment.

It is not only saving and solution, it is sustainable construction method to sustain the environment


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