Our commitment to the customers is delivering the best services with prompt delivery, credibility, and highest quality at the lowest investment and operation cost and saving energy.

At Tuan Duc Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., every of our skilled workers, foreman, engineers and the construction teams is required to continuously improved themselves for the quality of services and quality projects.

Besides, company has quality team works in close consultation with all our construction teams under a model of continuous improvement.

Our commitment to quality continues on every project throughout our liability period and is managed and monitored by a dedicated quality team that works in close consultation with our clients.

For every project, the Quality Control / Quality Assurance Plans is established as a benchmark for effective development of quality control and to assure that quality control has been effectively implemented. 

The main objective of the Quality Control process is to provide a mechanism by which all construction plans can be subject to a systematic and consistent review. The outcome of the control should create a set of quality project plans, which should be substantially error free.

The tools for assuring the quality of the projects comprises of the followings:

    • Review the General Specification & Particular Specification for the responsibilities of individual parties involving in the projects (Developer, Consultants, Project Managements, Main Contractor, Sub-contractors and Nominated Suppliers…)

    • Design Review to facilitate QC reviews of each project, the designer is required to prepare a written "Project Design Criteria Report" at the onset of the work to serve as the basis for reports, design analyses, calculation and plans preparation

    • Checking the detail Structure, Architectural, M&E Shop Drawings for the conformant to design criteria, authorities requirement

    • Review and Approval on The Materials & Equipment by The Materials & Equipment Submission for Approval (MESFA)

    • Review and Approval the Work Method Statements

    • Quality Controls on the Value Engineering, Project Variations

    • Quality Controls on the Project Logistics, Project Communication, Bidding and Invoicing