The process of urbanization is taking place strongly in Vietnam , however the water supply systems in urban centers and surrounding areas are also in the process backward , asynchronous and lack of necessary facilities for the wastewater treatment . With the demand for exploitation of water resources is increasing , we can see that the development and application of wastewater treatment method consumes less energy and lower operating costs will bring higher efficiency in solving the environmental pollution problems for companies , businesses , manufacturing establishments in the municipality .

With a team of environmental engineers experienced in the field of design , construction and operation of wastewater treatment systems , Tuan Duc Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. will design plans for sewage treatment and construction  or renovation of wastewater treatment system optimization techniques and economic efficiency in specific areas.

Wastewater treatment system typically includes works in which wastewater is treated by the method of mechanical , chemical , biological , to remove solids , organic matter and nutrients sometimes in wastewater . Wastewater is to clean sequential treatment level increased from pretreatment , primary treatment ( primary ) , secondary ( second order ) , radical (grade three ) , and there are more stages other special handling .

The design of wastewater treatment processes can be very different , depending on the characteristics of the sources of wastewater .